Course Objectives: 

  • Knowing the necessary and basic principles and skills to provide successful and effective E-classes.
  • Make education more flexible, as the study takes place without restrictions.
  • Developing the teacher’s role in the educational process in order to keep pace with scientific and technological developments.
  • Disseminating technology in society and giving a broader concept to e-learning.
  • Creating an interactive learning environment through new and varied electronic technologies.
  • Providing teachers with the necessary skills to use modern and advanced educational technologies.
  • Supporting the interaction process between students and teachers through the use of various communication channels such as e-mail and the virtual classroom.

Course Outline:

  • E-learning concept, objectives, types, and tools
  • E-learning characteristics
  • The teacher’s role in choosing the appropriate online platform
  • E-learning obstacles and ways to face them
  • Effective and correct planning skills to provide a successful and effective e-class


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